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The Soraki
Induction Wok

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    wok compatible
    Change the way you make your food!

    Suitable for all plates

    Quick and easy maintenance

    Ergonomic handle

    Wok cooking contributes to healthy eating

    20 quick and healthy recipes [Free digital book].

    Product specifications:
    • Type de revêtement : Anti-adhésif
    • Diamètre : 30 cm
    • Matière Principale : Acier
    • Matière du Revêtement : Naturel
    • Compatible avec : Induction, Electrique, Gaz, Vitrocéramique
    • Couvercle : Sans
    • Capacité : 2-5 Personnes
    • Certifications : EU / CE / CIQ
    Get your free digital guide

    When you order your wok this afternoon, we'll give you access to a digital manual with 20 exclusive recipes to make with your wok. You'll discover quick and healthy recipe ideas without leaving your house, to delight your children!

    Asian cuisine is tasty, we recommend this professional induction wok if you are unsure which one to choose. You can also find our induction hob wok range in one click and prepare delicious recipes.

    Can be combined with your style of hotplate without constraint.

    Would you like a wok that fits your hob at the snap of a finger? The Soraki is suitable for all types of cookers. Whether it's an electric, induction, gas or ceramic hob, this wok will fit conveniently into your equipment!

    Best flat bottom wok for induction cooktop

    Equipped with a heating technology, the Soraki will ensure that you have a more qualitative cooking without destroying the nutrients contained in your food. No more excuses to cook your favourite dishes with ease! Do you prefer Chinese noodles, salmon or minced beef? No matter, with the Soraki you won't miss a dish.

    Perfect for your future dishes.

    Do you like to fry your food, and fill your children with joy? Perhaps you prefer to grill your food and vegetables over a high heat to make them even better? The Soraki will easily handle all cooking styles. The Soraki will easily handle any style of cooking, and its optimal handle will provide you with the comfort you need to use your wok properly.

    Change the way you make your food!

    There's nothing nicer than being able to make good things. Let yourself be carried away by a new kind of cooking. This wok is the right cooking tool for you to vary the flavours and try out good recipes while having fun. Are you ready for the next culinary challenge?