Are you reading these words? Congratulations, you care about the products you buy! Like us, you place the quality of your food at the heart of your needs and priorities. In the following lines, we will introduce ourselves to you in all transparency.

Our mission

🍽 You know the saying: "You are what you eat" So do we, and we dream of a world where everyone can eat balanced food, prepared with heart, seasoned with excellence, and cooked with passion. This has even become our mission: to offer you reliable, high-quality woks made by specialist manufacturers to give you access to a healthy and varied cuisine.

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Quality for everyone:

🥑 At The Wok House®, our different ranges allow us to address all lovers of healthy cooking and gastronomy in general. From the beginner, to the starred chef, we want to be able to make the wok the central element of your kitchen while making sure we select the best materials. Because cooking with top quality equipment is a priority.

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Our History
🍳 The wok is a cooking utensil invented in China that allows you to cook in a very healthy way. Cooking requires very little fat thanks to its spherical shape. The wok is also designed for stir-frying, browning, reheating, simmering or searing your food with the assurance of a perfect and even cooking temperature. It is also beneficial to your health as it allows you to easily preserve the vitamins in your food, unlike a traditional frying pan which tends to destroy them.
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The Wok House® team:

🍏 The Wok House® is first and foremost two friends with a passion for sport, nutrition and well-being who have adopted the wok to simplify their lives, save time and enjoy all the benefits of this kitchen utensil with its amazing properties. A team united around a single objective: to make healthy cooking accessible to everyone at home!

 💭 Leny | Founder of The Wok House®.

"We were sharing a delicious meal when we came up with the idea for The Wok House®. It was a small Asian snack bar, but behind the pass-through was a kitchenette with large woks. We had a long talk with the chef about the benefits of his cooking and we left with a belly full of good things and a head full of ideas. The very next day, we embarked on this incredible adventure that is The Wok House®."

💭 Gabriel | Founder of The Wok House®.

"My first wok cooking experience surprised me. I had been watching my diet for some time. Until then, my dishes were too high in fat. I was looking for a solution to save time, eat less fat, and above all to try out an infinite number of recipes without limits, always with the aim of discovering new dishes. My menus have changed radically: spicier, tastier, and above all less fatty, drier. In short, from now on I only use the wok to cook, it totally simplifies my life!"


What type of wok should i buy?

🔎 Our first thought when we set up our project was, "What is a good wok?" After a series of tests, findings, failures and finally successes, we are able to state that: A good wok is one whose material is optimal for cooking, one whose manufacturer has been carefully selected for its demand for perfection.

The one that does not take up too much space in your kitchen but still allows you to combine all the ingredients of your choice to obtain the perfect wok recipe you want. The best wok is also the one you need. That's why we're here to listen to you in order to improve our products and give you the best advice, whether it's culinary or technical.

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What wok should i buy?

💬 Still not convinced? Who better than new wokers to tell you about it? Here are some testimonials from our Wokers friends.

- Daisy J. "Super convenient. I love my wok. Everything I cook is great. In practice it is light and easy to clean and store. I highly recommend it without hesitation."
- Alexander L. "I am very pleased with my purchase, perfect for replacing a sauté pan, nothing sticks and easy to clean. I love it. I totally recommend this site"
- Judith F. "I recommend it to everyone, because it doesn't stick at all, and even frozen products come out easily."


Which is the best wok to buy?

🙏 If you are about to join the The Wok House® family by buying your wok from our online shop, we would like to thank you and welcome you to our site!

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