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Cast Iron
Wok Ring

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    Gas hob pan support

    • For round and flat bottom woks
    • Highly durable
    • Quick and easy to clean
    • Made of steel
    Make sure your wok is stable!

    If you cook with gas, this adapter ring will be ideal for keeping your wok securely in place when cooking with it. Your wok may have a round bottom which gives it many advantages, but this is problematic when you want to cook on a gas cooker and be comfortable to use, so we have designed this induction hob wok adapter.

    This ring is capable of withstanding very high temperatures. To install it, simply place it on top of your existing gas. Your wok will be as stable as possible and you will be able to cook delicious meals, such as fried noodles, without worrying about the stability of your wok.

    Discover 20 quick and healthy wok recipes for your next meal! You can also find other digital books in the cooking accessories category of our online shop.

      Product specifications:
      • Inner width: 6.10 in (15.5cm)

      • Outer edge: 6.70 in (17cm)

      • Height: 1.60 in (4cm)

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