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The Hotaka
Stainless Steel Wok

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    wok compatible
    A 30 cm wok for high quality recipes

    Only works on a gas hob

    Create large family meals without the hassle

    Two handles for easy handling

    Retains all the goodness of your food

    Quick and easy maintenance

    Digital book: 20 quick and healthy recipes (free)

    Product specifications:
    • Type of coating : Anti-adhesive
    • Diameter: 28 cm
    • Main material : Stainless steel
    • Compatible with : Gas
    • Lid : Without
    • Accessories : Without
    • Capacity : 2-5 people
    • Certifications : EU / CE / EEC
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    Would you rather buy a wok with a handle for stir-frying noodles, for example? This 32 cm 28cm stainless steel wok should be just the thing for you. Don't forget to have a look at our stainless steel wok range to find the perfect wok.

    Compatible with your gas hobs

    If you use a gas hob as your cooking method, the Hotaka wok will fit right in with your favourite cooking surface. This wok has a stainless steel structure and a non-stick coating to ensure exceptional cooking.

    Express heating method for thorough cooking

    Equipped with the brand new Warm-plus™ technology, its cooking power is up to 2x higher than conventional woks. It thus guarantees a completely diffused and ultra-efficient cooking to all your recipes without in any way depriving them of their nutritional interest. Whether you love to cook vegetables, pasta, or any other type of fresh produce, this wok will ensure successful cooking thanks to its semi-spherical shape that rotates the heat within the stainless steel wok, while preventing the food from sticking to the bottom of the wok!

    Works with all cooking modes

    Whether you want to stir-fry, simmer, marinate, braise or even just heat up your food for a few seconds, this wok will become your main kitchen tool when cooking good food! Its two stainless steel handles give it an excellent grip, allowing you to easily execute all the cooking styles you would like to achieve. The Hotaka wok allows you an infinite number of healthy meals to prepare and imagine.

    Quick and efficient washing in the dishwasher or with a sponge

    The Hotaka wok can be cleaned quickly and efficiently in the dishwasher or even by hand with a sponge and a little soap. Its reinforced, non-stick wall guarantees optimal and immediate cleaning. All you have to do is rinse it under the tap, wipe it dry, then put it back in its place, or put it back on your kitchen bar before you use it again!

    Induction wok best price

    Whether you're on your own, with your partner, or have a large family, the size of the Hotaka wok is perfect for both family and personal use. The wok can be easily stored in your kitchen cupboard thanks to its perfect size. Its stainless steel construction and coating ensure that it will stand up to the rigours of everyday use.

    Make your best dishes!

    Create healthy and tasty meals at home in a relaxed way, without adding too much vegetable or animal fat with the Hotaka wok.