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The Pankon
Wok Pan

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    wok compatible
    A kitchen wok to prepare healthy and quality dishes.

    Wok compatible with all gas fires

    Ideal for all cooking styles

    Easy to clean by hand and in the dishwasher

    Ergonomic wooden handle for an excellent grip

    Perfect for healthy eating

    Free digital book: 20 quick and healthy recipes

    Product specifications:
    • Type of coating: Wok ready to be sealed (instructions)
    • Diameter: 32 cm
    • Main material : Steel (BPA free)
    • Works with : Gas
    • Lid : With
    • Capacity : 1-6 People
    • Certifications : EU / CE / CIQ
    Discover our free digital guide

    When you order your wok this morning, we'll give you access to a digital manual with 20 unique recipes to make with your wok. You will discover healthy and easy recipes without leaving your house, to treat your friends and family!

    Wok cooking is healthy and fast, so this 32cm stainless steel wok with wooden handle should satisfy you when stir-frying vegetables in the kitchen. You can also check out our stainless steel wok category in an instant!

    Works with your style of heater table without constraint

    Are you looking for a wok that fits in with any cooking method? The Pankon can be used with all gas fires, from a gas cooker to a glass-ceramic cooker, this cooking instrument will fit easily into your equipment!

    A very good quality utensil for efficient cooking.

    Equipped with heating technology, the Pankon will ensure a more even cooking without degrading the goodness in your food. No more excuses for not being able to cook your favourite dishes with ease! Do you prefer Asian dishes, grilled prawns or grilled chicken? No matter, with the Pankon you won't miss any dish.

    Best quality wok uk

    Do you like to marinate your food and introduce your friends and family to new flavours? Perhaps you prefer to fry your food and vegetables over high heat to make them even better? The Pankon can handle all cooking methods with ease. The Pankon is designed to be easy to use and the handle will give you the comfort you need to use your wok properly.

    Revolutionise the way you cook!

    There is nothing more wonderful than learning delicious recipes. Let yourself be stimulated by a new type of cooking. This stainless steel wok is the ideal tool for varying tastes and trying out new preparations without any constraints. Are you ready for a new challenge in the kitchen?