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The Draka
Gas Burner for Wok

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    Product specifications:
    • Stove diameter: 23.5cm
    • Package weight: 7KG
    • Heat load: 40KW
    • Applicable gas source: liquefied gas
    • Ignition method: electronic ignition
    • Panel material: stainless steel

    Cooker with wok burner

    A wok grill station is an essential for all your Asian stir-frying. This gas worktop with a powerful flame will let you put your wok tool on it and simmer without taking up much space. Its main advantage is that it gives you great mobility.

    This way, you can enjoy new dishes in your kitchen, in your dining room, and even behind your hedge. Goodbye to endless grilling where you had to watch the flame. Easy to fold, the portable wok burner outdoor allows a wide selection of joys and unexpected spaces to cook.

    Whether it's on the beach, on your terrace, or at your in-laws' house, you'll be known as a seasoned wokist in no time. And because feeding your loved ones is so important, we offer you a transport kit to make it even easier for you to get around! Find your wok burner on our online shop now!

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