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Wok Box
Black Edition

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    Save money with the Black Edition wok set:
    • Shirane wok: £79
    • A Bradi cleaning brush: £14
    • 20 Japanese wok recipes: £14
    • 20 Asian wok recipes: £14
    • Wok care guide from A to Z: £14

    Total value of the set: £135
    Current price: £99

    *Box not included

    An ideal set for beginners in the kitchen!

    Do you want to get back into good eating habits? Eat healthier and more balanced meals? But you have little time to devote to making tasty recipes in your already busy day-to-day life?

    This Black Edition wok set contains all the essentials you need to start cooking at home in a minimum of time and without the headache.

    We've designed this set with the primary aim of making your life as easy as possible, so that you can eat healthily every day with as little time behind the stove as possible.

    Wok of Fried Vegetables with Noodles


    Wok of Fried Vegetables with Noodles

    For this set, our customers and our team have unanimously chosen to use the Shirane wok, which is a guarantee of quality at The Wok House. Easy to handle and maintain, especially when you are a beginner in the kitchen, it is a sure value that we had to include in this set. Made of carbon steel, with a flat bottom, it will fit on your current hob without any constraint.

    Ultra efficient and minimalist heating method

    The Shirane is a wok designed using Warm-go™ technology, this means it is able to heat up very quickly and give you ample cooking up to 4x better than basic woks.

    Its curved shape and flat bottom allow you to cook your food without adding excessive fat, unlike a conventional pan. The Shirane wok also preserves all the vitamins in your food, giving you an extra health benefit.

    Wok kitchen set

    Thanks to its long wooden handle, the Shirane offers you a comfortable and pleasant grip, so that you can safely carry out all the types of cooking you wish.

    Whether you're stir-frying vegetable noodles, simmering all kinds of foods, marinating meat and fish, or even frying foods, the Shirane wok is definitely a first-rate cooking utensil that you can rely on to make most recipes.

    Green Wok and Wooden Spatula


    The essentials for (re)establishing good eating habits today!

    This box contains absolutely everything you need to get your health back on track, because it contains your wok, but not only that!

    It also contains a digital book with 20 quick and healthy recipes to prepare today to get your diet back on track, without depriving yourself of the good things you like to eat.

    Essential accessories to extend the life of your wok
    In this pack you will find a cleaning brush made of vegetable fibre that will allow you to clean your wok thoroughly, without scratching it, which will have the primary effect of extending the life of your wok over time, and thus keep it with you much longer.

    A set of 3 silicone spatulas to help you with all your cooking, without the risk of scratching your wok, is also available in this set.

    Would you like a set with more items inside to prepare more advanced recipes? Discover the Chef's wok set to go further! Otherwise you can find all our wok sets in one click.

    Couple and Child Vegetable Cooking
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