Which Wok to Choose?

You want to buy a wok for your kitchen but you don't know which one to choose? Are you confused between sizes and materials, with handles, or with a handle? You don't know which accessories to choose either? And more...

Our team, as well as the Parisian Chef Nicolas Duchêne, put all our knowledge and expertise to best guide you in the purchase of your wok. We will also recommend the best products to familiarise you with Asian cuisine according to your expectations.

If after reading this article you still don't know which wok to choose, the Comptoir du Wok team has created a personalised survey that takes less than 2 minutes to complete and recommends the wok best suited to your needs. It's simple, quick, and you'll have the pleasure of discovering a little surprise at the end!

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The advantages of the wok



The Wok is the most versatile cooking tool you can get. Thanks to its manoeuvrability, it allows you to combine several cooking methods.

You can, for example, stir-fry your noodles, fry your shrimp, or simmer your broth, all with a single wok in your kitchen. No more kitchenware cluttering up your cupboards!

Easy to use, you won't be able to do without it! The Wok is also a new way to take care of your health. Indeed, its excellent heat distribution will allow you to fry your food with much less fat than a traditional pan.

It will also allow you to diversify your diet with new foods. Indeed, this instrument is more intuitive and will surely make you want to try new food combinations.

How to choose your wok?

We have several types of woks available. In order to help you choose your wok, we have tried to find out: What characterises the right wok for me? The answer can be found in several points.

  • The material of my tool, depending on what I like to cook.
  • The type of fire I have (induction, gas, electric...).
  • If I feel comfortable with a handle or rather handles for cooking.
  • What size wok do I need?

Because making the right choice is often difficult, we will, through this article, give you the taste to concoct your own recipes with the Wok that is made for you!

Wok: Which material to choose?

The wok is a traditional tool in oriental cooking culture. When it was invented, it was made of a wooden handle and a cast iron half-sphere.

As ancient techniques have advanced, its composition has evolved into various materials with individually amazing properties. This is why we would like to present each of these materials to you so that you can choose the one that suits you best.


The cast iron wok is first and foremost an assurance of ideal heat conduction. Indeed, cast iron is known for its properties of conservation and diffusion of heat.

Moreover, cast iron cooking elements are very durable over time if the conditions for their maintenance are respected. Cast iron is a resistant material, but it must be washed without abrasive products.

In the kitchen, this material allows you to simmer your vegetables or cook your meat gently.

Stainless steel wok



Stainless steel is a material suitable for all situations. Recommended by seasoned woks, its reactivity will surprise you during your cooking. This resistant metal does not rust. This is why its anti-corrosive aspect will make your life easier when washing dishes.

Stainless steel is also a healthy material, it transmits heat quickly while maintaining its integrity. This is why it is recommended to use a stainless steel wok when you want to sear your meats or fry your vegetables.

In our opinion, stainless steel should be used by everyone! That is why we have selected a range of stainless steel products that will suit all your cooking needs.

Ceramic wok



The ceramic coating is the non-stick material par excellence. The ceramic wok does not stick and allows you to cook with complete peace of mind.

Cooking with a ceramic wok is just as suitable for simmering as for cooking. This duality offers you a large number of recipes to try!

Note also that this non-stick material is low in fat, which will give you the opportunity to prepare healthy and balanced meals!

Aluminium wok



Aluminium is solid. Thanks to its excellent conductivity, the aluminium wok guarantees fast and clean cooking while preserving the unmistakable taste of your dishes. Often used by professionals, aluminium cooking utensils are light and easy to handle.

You can also find this flexibility by removing your old pans from your cupboard. And yes, the wok is also a whole bunch of recipes that will get rid of your superfluous utensils!

Carbon steel wok



Do you like tradition? That's good, so do we. The carbon steel wok is the most traditional of woks. Its shape is generally more flared, like traditional woks, because it is a metal that allows optimal heat conduction.

You'll enjoy sautéing your vegetables, carefully cut up beforehand, in this large steel half-sphere. Fancy some noodles? No problem, the carbon wok is there for you! The only limit to cooking with this type of wok is your imagination!

Beware, however, that carbon requires more effort to clean. Make sure you respect the metal when cleaning it.

What size wok to choose?

Whether you're dining for two or feeding your large family, The Wok House® team has thought of everything. Discover below our classification of wok sizes according to the number of people sitting at your table.

Number of people Recommended wok size (diameter in centimetres)
2 people
⌀ 24 cm
4 people
⌀ 28 cm
6 people
⌀ 32 cm
Up to 10 people
36 cm


Wok & Handle

The handles of a wok are just as important as the metal that makes it up. Their purpose is to give the wok a manageable appearance both when cooking and when washing up. They will therefore adapt to the weight to be carried while giving the wok optimal handling.

To do this, the handle of your utensil is often made of wood or rubber. There are two types of handles, and it is important to choose the one that suits your cooking style, but also the space available in your cupboards.

Wok with wooden handle



The Wok with a wooden handle (rubber for modern Woks) is often fitted with a long wooden stick which allows for ease of use when cooking at high temperatures.

The handle is very useful when frying and searing your meat or starch. It allows you to move up and down and back and forth without tiring your hand.

In addition to being able to stir-fry your vegetables, the handle also allows you to distribute the fat at the bottom of the wok with one hand when heating. We therefore recommend the Wok with a handle if you prefer high heat cooking.

However, it is important to note that a long wooden handle will take up a little more space when stored.

Wok with 2 handles



The wok with 2 handles on each side is a sure-fire way to keep things stable! Are you fond of tasty dishes that have taken time to simmer? Are you in awe of those dishes that have taken hours to cook?

If you want to try out recipes where the flavours come through with a long cooking time, the wok with handles is the one for you. And if you have smaller storage space, the Wok with two handles is ideal.

Designed with two handles to carry heavier loads, it will be even easier to handle at the table. The design is reminiscent of paella dishes, which are wider to accommodate larger quantities of food. In short, the wok with 2 handles is ideal for preparing your recipes in family size.

Fire for your Wok

For quality cooking, it is important to choose a cooking fire that is suitable for your wok. It is important to use the fire that will allow the best heat convection to cook your food evenly while preserving its good nutrients.

Cooking tool Advantages and Disadvantages
Electric and glass-ceramic stoves

The great advantage of electric hotplates is that they can be used on all materials. They are therefore compatible with all woks.

However, care should be taken to use them for gentle cooking and not hot cooking as the management of high temperature is not optimal on these plates.

Cooking with a gas burner

Traditionally, it is the flame that makes good woks. Known for its heating qualities, gas is becoming increasingly popular and its combination with the wok will allow you to simmer your good broths and other small dishes.

Be careful not to play with fire too much! Gas is magic, but at high temperatures it can be risky, especially when handling fats.


Induction plates are the best hope for cooking today. That's why The Wok House® has chosen to focus on induction. Allowing a balanced and continuous heat supply, induction cooking is perfect for both low and high temperature cooking.

Even if not all instruments are compatible (sometimes at an additional cost), induction is a must for everyone!


Do you have any doubts about buying your future wok? Discover our comparative study!

Which wok?

The Tate 




The Oniri




Material Stainless steel (Without BPA) Carbon steel (Without BPA)
Handle(s) Two handles One handle

⌀ 36 cm

(Up to 10 people)

⌀ 32 cm

(Up to people)

Fire type


All fire types

Cooking Seizing, quick cooking All types
Price See more See more


Be careful not to forget...

Accessories for your Wok



The Wok is not without its share of cooking utensils. Good cooking also means having the right equipment to be able to cook a multitude of recipes. Although the wok is a simple and space-saving instrument, it is important to have the right tools to work properly in the kitchen.

That's why our team has selected the best kitchen accessories to match your wok. Click here to see all our accessories!


Would you like to give a wok to someone you care about, but would you rather they chose it according to their needs and desires? Buying a gift card is undoubtedly the most advantageous and practical option.


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