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The Ponak
Burner Gas

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    Advantages of the wok burner:
    • Easy to transport
    • Adapts to any surface thanks to its 3 support feet
    • Tested against gusts of wind to give you a weatherproof flame
    • Replaces your barbecue and adds originality to your summer dishes
    • Boil in 3 minutes, watch in hand 
    • Buy a portable wok burner and leave with a carry bag!
    • A free digital book of 20 quick and healthy dishes
    Product specifications:
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Compatible: With all gas cylinders
    • Fitting: Equipped with an adapter
    Give originality to your barbecues with the wok burner

    The wok burner is a must-have for all your Asian stir-fry preparations. The wok burner is a practical cooking surface that allows you to heat up your wok and cook with ease. Its main advantage is that it gives you a good helping hand. So you can cook in your workshop, in your dining room, and even on your lawn. Say goodbye to the never-ending burning embers where you had to isolate yourself near the coals, bring the burner with you and develop a time of joy.

    Retractable, the wok burner allows for a combination of fun and unusual places to cook. Whether it's in the park, in your backyard, or at your friends' house, you can take the title of wok expert in no time. And because feeding your guests is crucial, we give you a bag to empower you to move even more effortlessly!

    Gas wok burner uk

    Do you want to have great dinners with your friends this spring? The wok burner gives you great storytelling meals in the heart of your outdoors. Sometimes it's hard to find something to do on your terrace. The wok meal, cooked right on the table like in an Asian restaurant, will make a great impression on your guests. Get out your wok pan and boil the food you want.

    The icing on the cake is that you don't need coal! Gas prevents pollution from combustion and requires less maintenance and simple preparation. Put on your apron and let's go!
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