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The Yunako
Portable Wok Burner

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    Advantages of the wok burner:
    • Compact and portable
    • Firmly stable, so you can cook in the most extreme environments
    • An instrument that can withstand any windstorm to ensure that the fire continues
    • Try every recipe thanks to its versatility between indoor and outdoor use
    • Powerful heat without loss, bring water to a boil in 3 minutes
    • We offer you a bag to carry your stove with wok burner when you check out!
    • A free digital book of 20 delicious, almost instant recipes
    Product specifications:
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Compatible: With all gas cylinders
    • Fitting: Equipped with an adapter
    Did you say wok burner?

    A wok burner is an essential tool for all your wok cooking creations. This plan equipped with a burner armed with a great power of fire will let you put your wok tool and cook without encumbrance. Its main merit is that it guarantees you a good grip. So you can wander around in your dining room, in your kitchen and even in your outdoor areas. Goodbye to the heat of the endless wood fire where you had to stay alone near the flame, impose the burner near your table and innovate a moment of courtesy.

    Foldable, the wok burner makes a set of kitchens and unlikely places to cook. Whether it's in your backyard or at your neighbour's house, you'll be recognized as a wok expert in a few receptions. And because pleasing your friends is essential, we give you a portable case to give you the opportunity to move around even more easily!

    Power flame wok burner

    Are you looking forward to spending pleasant afternoons around your garden table this spring? The wok burner brings you evenings of sharing in the middle of your pergola. Sometimes it's hard to find on your terrace. The wok preparations, made in front of your guests like an Asian restaurant, will thrill your friends and family. Get hold of your wok and bring back your cravings. 

    What's more, there's no need to preheat! The gas preserves the polluting aspects and requires a lower maintenance and of a simple confection. Turn on your gas, and start your cooking session!

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