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The Moju
Outdoor Wok Burner

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    Advantages of the wok burner:
    • Flexible and easy to move
    • Allows you to cook anywhere thanks to its ideal stability
    • An instrument that is resistant to all kinds of gusts of wind to guarantee the continuity of the fire
    • For the Asian cooking experience on your terrace or in your living room
    • Boil water in less than 3 minutes
    • Buy a wok burner and leave with a carry bag!
    • A free digital book of 20 healthy delights
    Product specifications:
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Compatible: With all gas cylinders
    • Fitting: Equipped with an adapter
    The wok burner, an essential for your garden

    A wok gas station is a must for all your wok cooking. This stand with a strong fire will let you put your woks in it and make them come back in all mobility. Its main advantage is that it guarantees a good grip. So, let yourself be carried off to frolic in your kitchen, in your dining room, and even on your property. Gone are the days of endless bubbling embers where you were forced to sit bored by the grill, take the burner with you and bring a moment of good cheer.

    Simple to fold, the gas wok burner allows a combination of fun and unusual places to cook. Whether it's outdoors, in your backyard, or at your boss's house, you'll be awarded the title of wok king within a few parties. And because feeding your loved ones is essential, we're giving you a bag to help you get around all the more easily!

    Outdoor wok burner with stand

    Looking for some great family time tonight? The wok burner brings you great convivial meals in the middle of your terrace. Sometimes it's hard to open up on your terrace. The wok preparations, worked on the spot like an oriental restaurant, will make your guests boil with impatience. Take possession of your wok pan and simmer your creativity.

    Gas prevents the carcinogenic risk of barbecue and needs easy maintenance and easier cutting. Take the plunge and become the leader of your own household!

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