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The Juska
Dual Wok Burner

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    Advantages of the wok burner:
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Allows you to cook anywhere thanks to its ideal stability
    • A wind-covered hearth for a continuous flame
    • Replaces your barbecue and adds originality to your summer dishes
    • Take it to the next level and boil your water in less than 3 minutes
    • Get a wok burner and receive a carrying case as a gift!
    • A free digital book of 20 new and surprising meals
    Product specifications:
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Compatible: With all gas cylinders
    • Fitting: Equipped with an adapter
    The wok burner is an absolute necessity for all your wok preparations.

    This double gas burner with a powerful flame will allow you to heat your woks and simmer without taking up too much space. Its main advantage is that it is very easy to handle. So you can create in your dining area, in your catering area, and even on your land. No more long grilling sessions where you have to isolate yourself near the fire, impose the burner with you and create a bowl of good mood.

    The compact chinese wok burner ensures a whole host of cooking and eating locations. Whether you're camping, in your garden, or at a friend's house, you'll be able to take the title of wok king in no time. And because feeding your loved ones is essential, we've provided you with a bag to help you evolve even more easily!

    2 ring wok burner

    Would you like to have incredible dinners with your friends this summer? The wok burner brings you moments of exchange within your pergola. Sometimes it is difficult to open up to an activity in your outdoor area. The wok revelry, carefully thought out on site like an oriental restaurant, will thrill your guests. Quickly get out your Asian pan and fry your food.

    And there's no need to bother with coals! Gas avoids bad smoke and requires less care and easier cutting. Light your fire and start your cooking session!

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