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The Hokla
Chinese Wok Burner

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    Industrial wok burner

    The induction wok burner is the perfect grill at hand for all your wok cooking creations. This gas worktop with a strong fire will let you stir your wok and cook with ease. Its main advantage is that it is very easy to handle. So you can cook new dishes in your workshop, in your catering area, and even on your land.

    Say goodbye to the very long coal and flame where you were obliged to stay alone near the embers, impose the burner in front of your guests and bring a moment of conviviality. Retractable, the wok burner guarantees you a combination of delicacies and unusual places to prepare food.

    Whether in the forest, on your lawn, or at your boss's house, you'll be known as a chef in no time. And because satisfying your friends is important, we provide you with a carry bag to make it even easier for you to move around!

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