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The Kopac
Cast Iron Wok

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    wok compatible
    A wok with a lid for creating unique meals

    This wok is suitable for all cooking plates

    Simmer your favourite dishes in a warm place

    Glass lid for even cooking

    The wok saves all the goodness of food

    Hand wash or dishwasher safe

    Free book: 20 quick and healthy recipes

    Product specifications:
    • Type of coating: Wok to be seasoned (instructions)
    • Diameter: 32 cm / 34 cm
    • Main material : Cast iron
    • Works with : Induction, electric, gas, vitroceramic
    • Lid : With glass lid
    • Capacity : 2-6 people
    • Certifications : EU / CE
    ➜ We now send you 20 ideas for wok dishes from the West, India, and Asia!

    When you order your wok today, we'll send you a free compilation of 20 exclusive wok recipes to make delicious, healthy meals from the comfort of your kitchen, making it easy for everyone at home to enjoy!

    This wok doesn't suit you? Discover this induction big cast iron wok to prepare your best dishes! Alternatively, you can browse our induction wok category to find the right cookware for you.

    Fits on your cooktops, as well as those you already use at home

    Whether you use an induction, gas, electric or even ceramic hob as your cooking method, the Kopac wok will easily match your favourite cooking surface. This wok with its forged cast iron frame ensures high quality cooking.

    Express heating method for abundant cooking

    Equipped with the latest Warm-fast™ technology, its cooking power is up to 2x higher than conventional cast iron woks. It thus guarantees a totally diffused and efficient cooking to all your food without in any way depriving it of its nutritional interests. Whether you like to marinate vegetables, meats, or any other type of food, this cast iron wok will ensure successful cooking thanks to its deep semi-spherical shape that conducts the heat throughout the wok.

    Ideal for all slow cooking methods

    Whether you want to simmer, marinate or braise, this wok will become your main instrument when preparing your best slow-cooked dishes! Its handles make it easy to hold. The Kopac wok allows you to prepare an infinite number of meals at home, and to enjoy them with your family.

    Quick and efficient washing in the dishwasher or with a sponge

    The Kopac wok can be cleaned quickly and efficiently in the dishwasher, or even by hand with a sponge. Its thick, forged cast iron wall guarantees optimal and immediate cleaning. All you have to do is rinse it under the tap, wipe it dry and then put it back in its place until it is ready for use.

    Best wok pan uk

    This one is ideal if you are a large family, or if you are used to entertaining guests at home, as its deep size (8 Litres) and 32 cm / 34 cm diameter allow you to prepare large quantities of food.

    Cook like never before!

    Create healthy and tasty meals in your kitchen without any constraints and without adding too much vegetable or animal fat with the Kopac wok and its lid.

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