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The Aino Wok With Lid

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The Aino Wok With Lid
Product description
wok compatible
A ceramic wok for meals with unique flavours

Works with all types of plates

All types of cooking can be carried out

Effortless cleaning by hand or in a dishwasher

Special steaming lid and ergonomic handle

Wok cooking is an ideal part of a healthy diet

Free with purchase: 20 quick and healthy recipes

Product specifications:
  • Type of coating : Anti-adhesive
  • Diameter: 32 cm
  • Main material : Steel
  • Coating Material: Ceramic
  • Compatible with : Induction, Electric, Gas, Glass ceramic
  • Lid : With
  • Capacity : 2-6 people
  • Certifications : EU / CE / CIQ
➜ Get 20 wok recipes from around the world now!

If you buy your wok now, we'll give you a bonus of 20 exclusive wok recipes to make healthy, tasty meals at home that are easy to enjoy for the whole family!

You can also check out this 30cm wok with lid for steaming with its lid. Alternatively, you can also take a look at our wok with lid range to find the best utensil.


    Works with all types of hobs, even those you currently use at home

    This wok is made of stainless steel with a reinforced ceramic coating and offers you unique cooking, while being able to withstand high temperatures. Whether you have an induction, gas, electric or ceramic hob in your kitchen, the Aino wok will instantly adapt to your current cooking style.

    Fast heating technology for even cooking

    Featuring the new Warm-plus™ technology, its heating capacity is up to 3x greater than normal woks. As a result, it offers truly even and extremely efficient cooking to all your dishes without ever robbing them of all their nutritional qualities.

    Whether you are cooking vegetables, meat, or any other type of food, this wok with lid will allow you to achieve healthy cooking notably thanks to its parabolic shape that propels the heat into the container, and all without ever sticking the ingredients to the bottom of the container!

    For all types of cooking

    Whether you want to sauté, simmer, fry, braise, marinate or simply fry your food for a few moments, this wok will be your new companion when you are in the kitchen! The chestnut wood handle gives you an excellent grip and allows you to cook any way you like. The Aino wok offers you a huge number of possibilities for simmering and testing.

    Quick and easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand

    The Aino wok is quick and easy to clean in the dishwasher, or by hand with a sponge and washing-up liquid. The smooth, non-stick ceramic surface ensures instant and effective cleaning. Just run it under the water, wipe it dry and put it back in your cupboards or on your pot rack until its next use!

    Buying a good wok

    Whether you're a single person, a couple, or a family of four or more, the Aino wok's size is convenient for family or personal use. It can be easily stored in any drawer or kitchen cabinet thanks to its perfectly sized design. Its reinforced steel construction and ceramic coating ensure that it can withstand a lot of use every day.

    Reinvent your kitchen!

    The Aino wok with its ceramic coating makes it easy to prepare healthy and balanced meals at home without adding too much fat.

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